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Executive Co-Director

Centaur Theatre

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  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Posted Date: Posted 1 year ago
  • Closing Date: April 7, 2023
  • Location: Montreal, Quebec
  • Salary: $90,000-$100,000

Company Overview

Centaur Theatre Company, located in the heart of Old Montréal, is devoted to telling stories on stage that expand our perceptions of the world. They believe theatre serves a vital role in creating a healthy, democratic, and progressive community by fostering an expansive spirit in artists and audiences alike by training a fresh lens on their experiences of being human. They strive to be an Open Door to all the diverse communities of Montréal who seek high-quality, relevant theatrical experiences.

Situated among the cobblestone streets of historic Old Montreal and residing in Canada’s first stock exchange building, Centaur Theatre Company is at the center of Montréal’s arts community.

In 2017, on the eve of the Centaur’s 50th Anniversary, the Board of Directors announced Eda Holmes as Centaur Theatre Company’s first female Artistic & Executive Director. Formerly the Associate Artistic Director at the prestigious Shaw Festival, Holmes seeks to expand on their multicultural history as a theatre and a city to make Centaur Theatre Company a hub of culture in Montréal by attracting the best local, national, and international theatre creators to connect with Centaur’s diverse audiences and tell the most relevant stories of our times.

Job Description

The Context
In the wake of the post-pandemic economic recovery, Centaur Theatre Company is looking to continue its successful development and outreach.
To do so, in addition to their current audience, they would like to broaden their reach to a more diversified audience, to become the theatre company for all Montrealers including francophones, allophones, young professionals, etc.
In order to achieve its objectives, Centaur Theatre Company is creating an Executive Co-Director position to support the organization in its mission.

The Challenges
·  Support the overhaul of the building;
·  Ensure the financial stability of the organization;
·  Act as a visionary to ensure the presence of Centaur Theatre Company to position the organization as the main theatre for every Montrealer;
·  Keep up to date with the constant evolution of the theatre industry and share knowledge and findings with the Artistic Co-Director and the Board of Directors in order to keep Centaur Theatre Company at the forefront of the theatre sector.

The Role
Centaur Theatre seeks a visionary and dynamic individual to fill the new position of Executive Co-Director (ED). The Executive Co-Director reports to the Board of Directors and works as an equal to, and in close collaboration with, the Artistic Co-Director (AD). Until now, the company has been led by Ms. Eda Holmes as Artistic and Executive Director; Ms. Holmes will become Artistic Co-Director. She anticipates with pleasure the partnership possibilities for sharing the leadership of the organization. Eda Holmes and the Board of Directors of the Centaur Theatre Company believe that this new executive arrangement will propel the organization into a new era of strategic leadership.

The Must-Haves
·  Proven experience in a Senior executive role for a minimum of five years;
·  Experience in nonprofit governance with a Board of Directors;
·  Experience in communications, marketing, and philanthropic strategies in the arts industry;
·  Strong financial, business analytical, strategic organizational vision and planning skills;
·  Knowledge of the regulations, policies, and practices concerning Quebec workplaces and ethical issues, as well as safety and security in places of public assembly;
·  Knowledge of public granting policies and practices in Montreal, Quebec, and in Canada;
·  Knowledge of the artistic community in Montreal;
·  Proven interest in the performing arts, with a preference for the theatrical discipline;
·  Appreciation for heritage architecture;
·  Sensitivity to artistic ambitions and objectives;
·  Active listening, and negotiation skills;
·  Decisive leadership and management;
·  Bilingual (fluent capability in English and French, spoken and written);
·  Arts management training in one of the arts or social innovations management or communications programs in Quebec or Canada (an asset).


Governance, strategy, and financial
·  Comprehensive understanding of the administrative structures necessary to support the Board’s governance;
·  Ability to communicate in detail with the Treasurer and the Board’s Finance Committee the strategies and mission of the company from a budgetary perspective to allow effective oversight by the Board;
·  Prepare, manage, and evaluate the realization of the overall annual operating budget;
·  With senior staff, submit reports to inform the Board of managerial, community, marketing, and fundraising plans and activities;
·  With each of the Production Manager, Associate Producer, Marketing and Communications Director, and Development Director oversee the preparation of revenue and expense budgets for each department;
·  Oversee the management of these budgets and respond to any variations over time;
·  Maintain relationships with all levels of government and engage in all aspects of public funding;
·  In collaboration with the Artistic Co-Director, prepare grant applications and reports outlining the goals and activities of the company relating to each set of grant criteria.

·  Supervise the accounting department including payroll and remittance of deductions at source on time;
·  Oversee the preparation and analysis of cash flow;
·  Oversee the preparation of financial and administrative portions of all operating and project grants, as well as subsequent reporting;
·  Oversee the preparation of financial requirements of foundation applications and reporting;
·  Ensure the realization of an annual financial audit in partnership with the Board Treasurer;
·  Engage the auditor in a timely fashion and maintain a good working relationship;
·  Be responsible for all banking requirements needed to operate the company including managing debt and surplus;
·  Act as the signing authority for the company and maintain a good working relationship with the financial institution;
·  Ensure appropriate liability coverage for Directors and Officers, personnel and public;
·  Ensure appropriable Commercial insurance including fire and theft for the building;
·  Ensure a policy framework and documentation is in place in compliance with the legal environment in Montreal and Québec as well as regulations and best-practices in the nonprofit charitable sector;
·  Maintain an awareness of the evolving legal and ethical environment, and arrange for legal consultation and services, as needed.

Human resources
·  Manage and evaluate the Marketing and Development Directors and oversee all other staff appointments;
·  With the Associate Producer maintain effective relationships with professional artistic associations and unions: CAEA, APASQ, and PGC;
·  Ensure relevant HR and labor policies and practices are in place including regular performance and compensation reviews;
·  Oversee contractual relations with all employees as well as ensure full documentation and archival retention of this information;
·  Oversee the supervision of volunteer activities with the Director of Development and ensure compliance with insurance and legal expectations;
·  With the Marketing and Communications Director: Supervise the Box Office and Front of House operations (Patron services).

External relations
·  Keep abreast with arts service organizations in Montréal and across Québec and Canada: Culture Montréal, PACT, ELAN, QDF, and the CQT.

Building management
·  Oversee the coordination of the upcoming capital building project, and acquire permits, and funding. Ensure they are on time and on budget. Collaborate with the previous General Manager for this building renovation;
·  Ensure the building has a welcoming ambiance and the building asset is being maintained;
·  Ensure proper functioning of the Front of House and Bar operation.

Soft skills
·  Collaboration;
·  Empathy;
·  Leader of expertise;
·  Passionate.

The +
·  Working for a central player in the Montréal arts scene, in a historic theatre in the heart of old Montréal;
·  Playing a major role in making the theatre accessible and creating an open-door environment to all the diverse communities;
·  Closely working with Eda Holmes, formerly Director at the prestigious Shaw Festival, and passionate about the Centaur Theatre project.

  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Posted Date: Posted 1 year ago
  • Closing Date: April 7, 2023
  • Location: Montreal, Quebec
  • Salary: $90,000-$100,000