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Donate to the Travel Subsidy Program

We are grateful to the following donors for their support of the 2023 Travel Subsidy Fund

Help your colleagues join the gathering

Each year, the generosity of PACT members allows us to provide a number of travel subsidies to help folks with limited travel budgets attend PACTcon. At the past few live events, we were able to help between 10 and 20 attendees with their travel costs each year. This means more voices joining the conversation.
The travel subsidy program relies primarily on donations, and the amount of support we can provide depends on the contributions we receive. Your support is needed all the more for PACTcon 2023, since budgets are tighter and travel is more expensive than ever
In order to ensure that as many of your colleagues as possible can participate, we are asking our members to contribute as generously as their company or personal budgets may allow.
To make a donation:

Looking to apply for a travel subsidy? Fill out the form by Friday, April 14.