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PACT is a not-for-profit organization that relies on grants, membership fees and donations to provide services to its membership and the theatre community. Sponsorships and donations from companies and individuals go along way towards supporting our programming.

The Travel Subsidy Fund goes directly to member companies who wish to attend the PACT conference but need support to pay for travel and accommodations. This ensures that staff members who would not have otherwise been able to attend have a seat at the table and their voices are heard.

The Labour Relations Fund allows us to cover lawyer fees, travel and accommodation costs for members of the negotation team as well as a multitude of other expenses incurred while negotiating labour relations contracts including the CTA.

The Mallory Gilbert Leadership Award Fund goes towards celebrating artistic leaders who have had a national impact on the theatre community. A key component of the award is mentorship to ensure that institutional knowledge is passed along to up and coming leaders in the community.

The Advocacy Support Fund is used to build partnerships in Federal government most notably with Canadian Heritage and the Office of the Minister of Canadian Heritage, to fund programs such as World Theatre Day and Arts Day on the Hill.


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