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Season Planning with Production Leadership

  • DATE: February 23 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm EDT
  • FEE: FREE for Members / FREE for Non-Members
  • VENUE: PACT Zoom
  • ACCESS: Captions, ASL, French translation
  • OPEN TO: All

Balancing Act, in partnership with PACT, presents...

Season Planning with Production Leadership

Balancing Act supports caregiver needs in all facets of performing arts work. This roundtable with Means of Production and Nightwood Theatre focuses on designing flexible working models for production workers. What are the opportunities for producing companies to include production workers in long-term planning? How can this approach to season planning create care-centered production environments?


Naz Afsahi, Nightwood Theatre
Pip Bradford, Means of Production
David DeGrow, Means of Production
Andrea Donaldson, Nightwood Theatre
Crystal Lee, Means of Production
Laura Phillips, Means of Production
Rebecca Vandevelde, Means of Production