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Member Consultation on the Manifesto of Goodness (Quebec & East)

  • DATE: January 17 @ 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm EDT
  • FEE: FREE Members
  • VENUE: PACT Zoom
  • ACCESS: Automated captions
  • OPEN TO: PACT Members & Colleages

The Manifesto of Goodness, devised by two working groups of PACT board members, staff, and members at large, is our commitment to engaging in good practices in the creation and sharing of theatre. This new document is meant to serve as a touchstone for PACT and its members to measure our actions and impacts against our values, to foster greater accountability, and to help build a better theatre sector.

The manifesto has reached its second draft and has been reviewed by PACT board and staff. We’re now looking for feedback from the membership to ensure that the document expresses our shared values in a clear and meaningful way.

This series of consultations is open to PACT Members and Colleagues and will take place by region, with an extra session for those who can’t attend at their designated time. This session is intended for Regions 6, 7, & 8 (Quebec & East). We encourage you to read through the document in advance of the session.

After this period of member feedback, a working group will make another round of edits before the final document is brought to the full membership for approval at the Annual General Meeting next June in Kamloops.