Labour Relations

PACT Regular, Commercial and Associate members adhere to PACT's negotiated agreements and receive support from the PACT Labour Relations Manager. This includes advice on interpretation as well as other issues such as health and safety, taxation, charitable and employment regulations and copyright.

Agreement Information

Canadian Equity Actor's Association (CAEA)

The Canadian Theatre Agreement (CTA) is negotiated between PACT and the Canadian Actor’s Equity Association. This agreement sets the terms and conditions for engaging Equity members who are actors, directors, choreographers, fight directors and stage managers. With the exception of Affiliates, all PACT members operate under the CTA. The current CTA is in effect until 2015. PACT offers advice as well as a companion booklet to members who operate under the CTA.

PACT members who do not adhere to the CTA may engage Equity members by contacting CAEA directly.


Associated Designers of Canada (ADC)

PACT negotiates an agreement with the Associated Designers of Canada (ADC) that sets the terms and conditions for Regular members of PACT to engage designers who are members of ADC. This includes the disciplines of set, costume, lighting, sound and projection. PACT members are not obliged to engage designers who are members of ADC exclusively. However, the negotiated terms and conditions are offered as a standard for the engagement of all designers. The current PACT-ADC agreement will expire in 2014.


L'Association des Professionnels des arts de la Scène du Québec (APASQ)

Similarly to our work with ADC, PACT also negotiates an agreement on behalf of its members in Québec with L’Association des Professionnels des arts de la Scène du Québec (APASQ). The current PACT-APASQ agreement expires in 2017.


Playwright's Guild of Canada (PGC)

PACT also negotiates an agreement with the Playwright’s Guild of Canada (PGC) for engaging playwrights who are members of PGC. This agreement covers stock, premiere and commission contracts and is seen as the industry standard for establishing a relationship between playwrights and theatres. As well, PACT and PGC have development a pamphlet/checklist called Commissioning Guidelines to help both playwrights and theatres during the process of developing a new play. The current PACT-PGC agreement will expire in 2016.

Agreements and Contracts

To access agreements and contracts negotiated between PACT and artist's associations, please visit the Labour Resources section.

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